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About visionpace

Visionpace is a Software Development company and Microsoft Certified Partner based in Kansas City, Missouri. Since 1992, we have provided nationwide consulting, coaching and training services using Microsoft technologies.

Our software development approach, Perfect Vision™, ensures the frequent, consistent delivery of the highest-valued business priorities while minimizing costs and directly mapping changes in the business climate with changes in business systems. In other words, delivering what's needed, when it's needed.

Our blended training and delivery service, Perfect Coaching™, is changing the way IT managers and developers view training and outsourcing.

perfect rescue

There are many reasons why software development projects get off course: lack of communication, inadequate resources, unrealistic expectations and poorly defined goals to name a few.

A Perfect Rescue™ engagement allows clients to take a fresh, objective look at a project and tap into our experience in pointing a development project back on course or simply optimizing the current approach.

Perfect Rescue Get Your Project Started Right Or Right Back On Track

Our clients expect us to change with them. We needed a system that would meet those demands.

John Newsam, President, Newsam-Harp

perfect coaching

Our experts are on top of the ever-changing world of software development and technology.

Perfect Coaching™  is an ideal way to train your staff in specific technologies and methodologies while developing real-world, on-site applications. Our experts work side-by-side with your staff to coach developers in delivering software that is critical to your business.

Perfect Coaching --- Greater ROI On Training = A Completed Project + Skills Modernization + Process Improvements

perfect vision

It takes confidence and courage to manage ever-changing, complex business issues.

One of the goals of Perfect Vision™, our approach to developing software applications, is to provide your organization with increased confidence that high-priority application features are being delivered quickly and consistently.

Your Business Vision Develops Incrementally. Shouldn't The Software That Supports That Vision Do The Same?

The best way to find out if our unique approaches are right for you is to contact Visionpace at or call 816-350-7900 or 888-904-7900 and ask to speak with someone about your software development needs.