Agile Process and Agile Project Management Workshop

This workshop will provide you with fundamental insights into core practices of agile processes and project management.

Why? Agile project management is as radically different from traditional project management as agile processes are different from traditional methodologies. Rather than plan, instruct and direct, the agile project manager facilitates, coaches and leads. Participants learn how to be an Agile Project Manager and how to make a development team, a project, or an organization agile. Exercises, case studies, and examples used to bring home the realization of how to get the most from software development efforts.

Goal: Each individual is trained to begin assuming and developing the following responsibilities: 1. Remove the barriers between development and the customer so the customer directly drives development; 2. Teach the customer how to maximize ROI and meet their objectives; 3. Improve the lives of the development team by facilitating creativity and empowerment; 4. Improve the productivity of the development team in any way possible; and, 5. Improve the engineering practices and tools so each increment of functionality is potentially shippable

Topics Outline:  

1. Agile Processes and Agile Project Management Overview

2. Release Planning

    - Roles, Goals, Models

    - User Stories

3. Agile Estimating

    - Story Points, Sizing and Relative Estimating

4. Iteration Planning

    - Prioritizing User Stories

    - Turning User Stories into Development Tasks

5. Iteration Management

    - Daily Stand-up Meetings

    - Iteration Task Board

    - Iteration Review Meetings

6. Agile Metrics and Tracking

7. Being Agile with Remote/Distributed Teams

8. Developers Responsibilities in Agile Software Development