Perfect Coaching - Software Development Coaching Case Studies

Perfect Coaching Case Study #1

Coaching Client: A leading loan provider with more than 500 outlets nationwide was in the process of an expansion that would double their size.

Coaching Challenge: They needed assistance getting developers up to speed with a number of Microsoft technologies specific to their project development goals. The experience levels varied from novice developers just beginning their careers to seasoned veterans needing help with specific skill upgrades.

Coaching Solution: Visionpace was brought in to work with management on a strategy for optimally allocating developers based on skill level, availability and project goals.

Coaching Result: The development team was able to meet the initial project objectives and continues to use Visionpace to assist in delivering the features the organization needs along with the knowledge the developers require.

Perfect Coaching Case Study #2

Coaching Client: A prominent financial services company with a 100 year history of innovation had embarked on an aggressive initiative to enter a new market.

Coaching Challenge: With development underway and a deadline approaching, the client team encountered issues working with a new, unfamiliar Microsoft technology.

Coaching Solution: The coach was able to deliver the required knowledge in the context of the real problems the team was facing and development got back on track and on schedule.

Coaching Result: Visionpace continues to work with the team on other development issues including implementing best practices.

Perfect Coaching Case Study #3

Coaching Client: A leading third-party provider of servicing and technology solutions for the commercial real estate finance industry and one of the largest commercial loan service providers in the United States.

Coaching Challenge: Needed a Visionpace coach at the beginning of a critical project to help integrate their key sources of customer and loan servicing data.

Coaching Solution: The coach was able to train the development team in using an unfamiliar Microsoft technology while assisting with the delivery of the new software features.

Coaching Result: After the application was moved to production, the team has been able to carry forward their new skills on other projects.