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Visual MaxFrame Professional (VMP) is our award-winning object-oriented framework for Visual FoxPro application development. VMP consists of the following:

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Focus more on your business and less on the technology that supports it.

Deklarit represents the next generation of application development as the leader in the growing trend of software development abstraction, offering customers tremendous gains in productivity and stability and significantly lower development and training costs.

DeKlarit turns Visual Studio .NET into a RAD tool for the business logic and data layers. It is a lifecycle tool that helps you design, develop and maintain database applications.

DeKlarit provides a simple way to design database applications using plain business knowledge. Based on that, DeKlarit automatically creates and maintains a normalized schema as well as generates ADO.NET strongly typed DataSets and DataAdapters.

When the application requirements change, DeKlarit creates a new database schema, migrates the data from the old schema to the new one, and regenerates the required DataSets and DataAdapters.

DeKlarit generates C# and Visual Basic .NET code and supports SQL Server and Oracle.