Perfect Coaching - Maximizing the roi of Developer Training and software delivery

What Is Perfect Coaching?

Perfect Coaching™ from Visionpace is a software development and training approach that blends the best of classroom learning with practical on-site development. This approach strengthens your entire software development staff while delivering working software features. A Perfect Coaching engagement can improve the skills of your existing staff, enhance your software development processes and deliver the tools your staff needs to be more effective in the context of their day-to-day work.

Our software development coaches are on top of the ever-changing world of software development. Perfect Coaching offers a unique way to train your staff in specific technologies and methodologies while they develop real-world, on-site applications. Our coaches work alongside your developers to deliver working software features that are critical to your business. Perfect Coaching is Expert Training with Immediate Application.

Countless studies show that employee turnover is greatly reduced when employees feel they have the tools to be successful and are part of developing applications that are meaningful to the success of the organization. Other studies reveal that increasing software development and practices knowledge can increase productivity and efficiency by 10-20 times.

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Advantages of Perfect Coaching vs. traditional classroom training or outsourcing

We needed an IT partner committed to supporting our ever-changing environment."

Steve Heinking, CFO, Renzenberger

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The best way to find out if this unique approach is for you is to complete a Coaching Review. For more information contact Visionpace at or call 816-350-7900 or 888-904-7900 and ask to speak with someone about Perfect Coaching.